Vinyl Fence Installations and Maintenance

vinyl fence installation

Vinyl fencing has grown in popularity over the years, leading many homeowners to make the wise choice to add fencing to their property. This fencing material has come a long way since its development, adding to its durability and beauty. With vinyl fencing, properties can be transformed, without breaking the budget or getting into debt. 

Vinyl Fencing Is Superior Over Wood

Vinyl fencing was first introduced to residential homes as a substitute for wood fencing. This fencing material is often mistaken for beautiful wood fencing when viewed from a distance. Although wood fencing is undoubtedly sturdy and durable, it can be expensive and the maintenance is demanding. 

Aside from a budget-friendly price, many homeowners choose vinyl fencing because of the ease of maintenance. Most people simply do not have time to scrape away old paint, paint again, and seal their fencing every couple of years. 

Homeowners who have vinyl fences installed do not have to worry about rotting, mold, and many other types of damage wood fencing experiences. The ease of maintenance makes this type of fencing extremely attractive to homeowners who want to keep their properties looking beautiful without so much work. 

Vinyl Fencing Is Easy to Maintain

To keep the fencing a beautiful, bright white color, homeowners simply need to get out their water hose and spray the fence from time to time to loosen any dirt residue that may have marred the surface, due to weather exposure. Hosing regularly will prevent the need for pressure washing because it will help to halt algae growth, which shows up as a green slimy coating. 

Should the vinyl fencing become overly dirty because of storms or neglect, there is a simple solution that helps. Use dish liquid, a bucket of water, and a sponge. With a little elbow grease, the fence will be a sparkling white again in no time at all. 

Vinyl Fencing Lasts for Many Years

Homeowners also find comfort in knowing the enduring durability of vinyl fencing. While a wood fence can last up to twenty years, with proper maintenance, it will undoubtedly become brittle after being baked in the sun for years. 

Eventually, the wood fence will start to to break down. Even with maintenance, the fencing can begin to develop weak spots that start rotting. After twenty years of daily weather exposure, most homeowners end up needing to replace their wood fence. 

Vinyl, on the other hand, does not begin to break down when exposed to water. It can even be installed next to a swimming pool and will not become damaged. A vinyl fence can last one-hundred years or more and will continue to look beautiful, with only a small amount of maintenance. 

Vinyl Fences Offer Privacy

Although homeowners certainly have the option of constructing small vinyl fences that act more as decoration, there are other options. Vinyl can also be used to construct a much larger fence that offers a high level of privacy protection. Homeowners who do not want their neighbors constantly spying will find this type of fence to be an ideal solution. Vinyl fences can be constructed according to the specific needs of each homeowner.

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Vinyl offers unparalleled benefits that increase the value and privacy of a home, depending on the fence construction. Vinyl fences add beauty to a home while allowing homeowners to stay budget-minded.

While wood is often chosen, vinyl fences are rising in popularity and will eventually surpass wood as the number one material preferred by homeowners. With a vinyl fence, homeowners can benefit from having a low-maintenance option for beautifying and protecting their homes.

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