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fence repair in pittsburgh

Fences are put up for different reasons, including privacy, protection, and to corral animals. Depending on the fence materials, it is imperative maintenance is carried out to avoid damage. Sometimes, even with careful maintenance, fencing can become damaged. Relying on professionals for fence repair will help to ensure the work is carried out precisely and the resulting repairs are seamless and beautiful. 

What Causes Fence Damage?
There are multiple reasons a fence can become damaged. Exposure to the weather, without protection, is one of the primary reasons for fence damage. The long-term effects of sun exposure can lead to weakening, especially with wood fencing. 

Fences can also become damaged because they were improperly installed. When a fence is not properly installed, its components are more likely to become damaged in a short amount of time. It is imperative homeowners rely on professional installations to ensure their fence will be lasting. 

Accidental damage can also occur. Children should never climb on fencing and care should be taken when mowing the grass or weed-eating. 

When fence damage occurs, professional repairs should be sought as soon as possible. Waiting too long to seek repairs will result in ongoing damage and greater expense. 

Types of Fence Damage
Multiple repair issues can arise, and repair technicians see all types of damage that can sometimes be devastating. The following are some of the common types of damage that may result from weather exposure, negligence, or accidents. 

Sagging fence posts can occur when the ground begins to sink. Often, this is caused by fence posts that have not been properly set into the ground. Reinforcing or replacing the fence posts will make the fence strong again. 

Leaning fences are also a common occurrence. Fences lean because they lack support. Sometimes, the supports have simply begun to rot and need to be replaced. A full fence assessment is in order when this occurs. 

Broken hardware is also commonplace with fencing. When the hardware breaks, it needs to be replaced right away so the fence remains solid and sturdy. Reinforcing a fence is essential for its strength and durability. 

Damaged slats are common in wood fencing. When the slats become damaged, the other components will eventually start to become damaged as well. Replacing the damaged slats will make a fence new again. 

Prompt Repairs Are Necessary
In most cases, fence repairs can be carried out and completed on the same day. In rare instances, especially with massive damage, it may take more than one day. We keep our customers informed from the very beginning, so they will know how long to expect for repairs. 

The Repair Costs Will Depend on the Materials
Wood fences are typically easier and less expensive to repair than some other types. Vinyl fences are less likely to need repairs than wood. When damage does occur, it is often more expensive to repair because the entire panel typically needs to be replaced. We offer upfront information on the costs of the repair work. 

When we come out to inspect the damage, we will give homeowners options for both repair and replacement. In some cases, the damage is so immense, we recommend a full fence replacement. No matter the damage, we can provide full repair services for all types of fencing materials. 

Learn More Today
When fences become damaged, it is imperative homeowners rely on professionals to carry out the repairs. We repair a wide array of fence types, including wood, vinyl, chain link, and wrought iron. With prompt repairs, homeowners can rest assured their fence will be strong, durable, and beautiful for many years to come.

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